Oil  / Acrylic on Canvas   60x43

Vincent Van Gogh was one of the few great artist.
This painting is tribute to him, and my favorite flower subject - sunflowers. Starting this painting I wanted contemporary approach to well known subject. While drawing composition I was thinking how was he pulling the beauty from the deepest corners of his troubled soul, was he deliberately making them almost rough in his drawing, and so alive and vibrant with brush strokes. What am I feeling while painting this piece, .... am I deliberately doing the same ...


Acrylic on Canvas  36x48

With the use of color and abstract expression, I blurred city images just enough to evoke city / landscape feel. Imprint of the bird made me call the painting "Watching Over City" . Yellows and oranges with its warm notes reminded me of the sun, and my emotions shifted to images from the park on the nice spring day. In creative process one detail can shift and change the whole feeling of the painting.
New title was given....


Acrylic on Canvas 48x30

This sleepy foggy day on the water  I painted from the memory.                 It is remembrance of my home land marshes one day when I  was overwhelmed with nostalgia. 
Movement of the brushstrokes is fast and vivid ,but the background is calm and polished. Just like the passing storm, our emotions can come in outburst unexpectedly and stir up some blues and greens in our soul.


Acrylic on Canvas 30X40

I started painting horses long time ago, and they were my first serious collection. My friends had  a farm and we spent lots of time outdors in the nature, and for the city girl like me, that was experience that changed my perspective of these amazing animals forever. It is my favorite subject and I use horses as  symbol for untamed and free spirit, strong yet gentle at the same time. Freedom is carried on their backs.


Oil / Acrylic on Canvas  40X30

After my trip to France all I wanted to do is paint in my studio. Influenced by old masters started with floral abstract. Little by little, adding paint and covering  stencil floral's old chateau was exposed, and  urban city life. Buildings appear all over the canvas, popups of my imagination woven in the  landscape composition.


Acrylic on Canvas 48x36

To me only few things can compare with the  beauty of the blue sea. This abstract piece resembles Adriatic cost with tall rocky mountains, scattered  green shrubbery, red roofs of small villages and shades of different Chrystal clear Mediterranean. It feels like smelling the salt in the air every time I look at this painting.


Acrylic on Canvas 36x48

In this painting I have incorporated woman figure, cat , and a bird into composition where blue bird sits on the palm of the hand. Bird is cheerfully chirping and  protected by the distance, but  we must not forget that cat is actually not admiring it, but looking for the right moment to grab it. Symbol for sensitive woman giving her trust to the world where she might be a pray, and  not admiration for goodness of her heart, she is fragile just like the little bird.


Acrylic and Ink on Canvas 30x40

I am very often torn between abstract and representational art. Not that abstract art needs justification but because all abstract actually begins with real images.In this piece I layered over abstract landscape, but did not want to give it any meaning. My son said it reminds him of video game he was playing at the time, and I did see some huge pixel deformations that were connecting the two .


Acrylic and Oil on Canvas 24x36 inch

Beautiful woman's face exposed in burst of color freshly cut spring flowers. Acrylic background covered with oil paint. I wanted this piece to be contemporary, but my inspiration came from looking at the old hand-embroider tapestry, so i did not want to loose "old
time feeling" that reminded me of. It is poetic, and I hope romantic to, with little hint of nostalgia to old lost craft.


Mixed Media  36x36

Background of this painting is marbling effect done with spray paint on the surface of water , and canvas emerged in it. Majority of her body is marbling effect that gives special movement to the otherwise dreamy and static posture.


Acrylc on Canvas 36x36

I have a cat ! And I like to paint her. This is her moving her head sideways looking in which mischief to go next, seated on the hill in my garden. It actually does not look like my cat in any way, except maybe for the colors of her fur. Well, I noticed that ! In the tall straight posture painting reminded me of the way Ancient Egyptian art would look .


Oil / Acrylic on Canvas 30x48

Contemporary landscape , expressionistic gestural brush strokes.
Showing the movement, as wind would blow through branches and leafs.


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